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    The Fitting Guide Hub

    Welcome to The Fitting Guide Hub, here you'll find...

      Bra Fit & Style Guide

      Finding the perfect bra can be hard, which is why it's really important to wear the correct bra size for you. Our handy guide is full of tips and tricks so you can say goodbye to badly fitting bras forever!

      How To Check Your Bra Size

      Are you wearing the right bra size? Follow our step by step guide to find out!


      Put on your best fitting bra, stand in front of a big mirror!

      Let's start with the underband...

      1. Your underband should be nice and snug when fastened on the loosest hook. You shouldn't be able to pull it more than two inches away from your back.
      2. The underband should sit horizontally level across your body in line with the wires at the front.
      3. The length of your straps should be adjusted enough to support the cup but it should feel comfortable as well.
      4. Now let's move onto the cups...

      5. There should be no bulging or gaping at the top of the cups.
      6. The wire should completely enclose each breast, sit right in the crease and finish under your arms.
      7. The wire should sit flat against your rib cage from the middle of your bust and along the crease of your bust with no lifting away.
      Bra underband Bra cups

      See It In Action

      Leyah Shanks and Georgina Horne give their expert tips on finding the right bra size for you.

      No stores in Ireland.

      How To Put Your Bra On

      Are you wearing your bra correctly? Put it to the test!

      Follow these four simple steps to see if you've passed or failed...

      1. Lean forwards

        This will allow your breasts to fall naturally into the bra cups and gives the best support.

      2. Lift wires

        As you straighten up, lift the wires up into the crease of your bust before fastening the bra.

      3. Lift in

        This will give you a good idea of how comfortable the bra is and how well it fits.

      4. Adjust straps

        Adjust your shoulder straps to ensure you get the right support.

      See It In Action

      Leyah Shanks and Georgina Horne give their expert tips on finding the right bra size for you.

      Common Problems And Solutions

      Is your underband riding up? Are your straps digging in? Is your cup size bulging or gaping? Are your wires digging in? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

      Leyah Shanks and Georgina Horne are here to solve your bra fitting problems >

      What's your style?

      • T-shirt
        T-shirt bra
        Designed with a seamless surface for a ridge free appearance under close fitting tops. They often have moulded cups.
        Click here for more details
      • Balcony
        Balcony bra
        Balconette bras give lower coverage and can shape and lift. This style enables you to wear lower cut neckline and has wider set straps.
        Click here for more details
      • Strapless & Multiway
        Strapless & Multiway bra
        Strapless bras usually come with detachable straps meaning you can wear them with or without straps.
        Click here for more details
      • Plunge
        Plunge bra
        The low centre-front on a plunge bra makes it perfect to wear with low cut tops and dresses, allowing you to expose a sexy cleavage.
        Click here for more details
      • Full Cup
        Full Cup bra
        A full cup bra covers the entire bust to give great shape and support. Perfect for everyday wear and can offer comfort and style for larger cup sizes.
        Click here for more details
      • Padded
        Padded bra
        Designed to give you a little boost in a natural way.
        Click here for more details
      • Non-padded
        Non-padded bra
        Designed to give you modest coverage, ideal for bigger busts.
        Click here for more details
      • Underwired
        Underwired bra
        Designed to give your great support and uplift with the use of wires.
        Click here for more details
      • Non-wired
        Non-wired bra
        Non wired bras offer great comfort and support without the wiring! They are soft and comfortable and give you a great shape.
        Click here for more details
        Shop all Non-wired bras
      • Sports
        Sports bra
        Designed for comfort, they also protect the ligaments that support the breast tissue during exercise. Wearing the correct size is very important.
        Click here for more details

      Not What You're Looking For?

      How To Care For Your Bra

      Make your bra last longer with our top tips to care for your bra properly.

      1. Tip 1

        Always try to hand wash your bras and never put them in the dryer - this will reduce elasticity and cause them to shrink.

      2. Tip 2

        Wash your bras in cool water with a delicate detergent. Don't wring them out, just let them drip dry, and don't put them on a radiator where the heat can damage them.

      3. Tip 3

        We suggest that you buy a new bra every six months - as the best support your bra gives you is within the first six months.

      A Brief Garment Care Label Symbol Guideline

      • Hand wash

        Hand wash

      • Machine wash

        Machine wash (if applicable) indicates max temp

      • Do not tumble dry

        Do not tumble dry

      • Do not bleach

        Do not bleach

      • Do not iron

        Do not iron

      • Do not dry clean

        Do not dry clean

      Don't try this at home if the washcare label is different to the above!

      Knickers Fit & Style Guide

      Don’t get your knickers in a twist we’ve put together the perfect guide to help you to find knickers that flatter your figure with a style to suit your shape.

      The Fit Guide

      Be Body Confident whatever your body shape, find knickers to flatter your figure.

      Want to hide your tummy?

      Minimise your tummy with fuller knickers and styles that have side panels.

      Go For

      High Waisted Knickers or Full Briefs

      High waisted knickers


      Low Rise Knickers

      Shop Full Briefs >

      Are you small up top with a great bum & hips?

      Low sitting knickers will flatter your top half rather than a fuller fitted high waisted knicker that will make your bottom look larger.

      Go For

      Brazilian or Bikini

      Brazilian or Bikini


      High Waisted Knickers

      Shop Bikini Knickers >
      Discover our full range of Knickers >

      Top Tips

      How to eliminate that VPL

      Choose invisible and control knickers, or shorties when you want to wear those fitted dresses, skirts or trousers.

      Get the colour right

      Choosing the right colour knicker to go underneath that all important outfit is just as important as the shape or style. When choosing the right pair to wear under something white then pick a white or nude pair of knickers.

      Find the perfect fit

      Choose the right size for you and avoid lumps and bumps showing through your clothes. Here at Simply Be with a range from 12-32 you'll be sure to find that perfect fit.

      Be body confident

      To control those lumps and bumps go for knickers that are specifically shapewear designed. These are slightly tighter than regular styles and will pull-you-in, in all the right places to create a smooth silhouette.

      The Style Guide

      Which knickers girl are you? Our style guide will explain all the fits you need for comfortable and flattering knickers.

      • Bikini
        Plain and simple knickers that still make you feel sexy.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Bikini Knickers
      • Brazilian
        This style gives you great coverage at the front and a high cut at the back with a non-elasticated leg to prevent VLP.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Brazilian Knickers
      • Full Brief
        Full Brief
        This style provides great coverage with a high waist and low cut on your legs.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Full Briefs
      • High Leg
        High Leg
        This style sits just under your waist with a high cut on your legs for good coverage.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Shop High Leg Knickers
      • High Waist
        High Waist
        This style comes up higher on your waist with a low cut on your leg.
        Click here for more details
        Shop High Waisted Knickers
      • Midi Brief
        Midi Brief
        A cross between the bikini and full brief, they provide full bottom coverage and sit on your hips.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Midi Briefs
      • Shorts
        Sporty and practical, they come down to the top of your thighs, cover your bottom and sit under your belly button.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Short Knickers
      • Thongs
        Thongs taper to a string at the back making them perfect if you want to avoid VPL.
        Click here for more details
        Shop Thongs

      Shapewear Fit Guide

      Flatten your tummy and streamline your thighs and bum with body sculpting technology from Magisculpt. Choose from three levels of control; light, medium or firm for all your shapewear needs.

      The Fit Guide

      We've got it all under control with Magisculpt. Choose from three levels of control; light, medium or firm for smooth lines, curve support or all round power.

      Light Control

      Medium Control

      • The Bodyshaper
        The Bodyshaper

        Get complete smooth lines with the bodyshaper without flattening your breasts.

      • Control Slip
        Control Slip

        Get the perfect shape with the panels in control slips.

      • The Thighshaper
        The Thighshaper

        Get full bottom and thigh coverage with the thighshaper. If you wear them under trousers or skirts you won't get VPL.

      Firm Control Control

      • Control Leggings
        Control Leggings

        Get full support on your hips, thighs, bum and tum with control leggings. Perfect to wear with skirts or dresses styled with a pair of boots.

      • The Multi-way Control Slip
        The Multi-way Control Slip

        Giving you the same support as the control slip but allowing you to go strapless with you look.

        Shop all Multi-ways

      Footwear Fit Guide

      Standard D fit and wide fit available across our range of shoes and boots. Want to know your exact shoe and boot size? Check out the guides below and follow the simple steps.


      You'd be surprised how many people have wide-fitting feet and don't know it! Use our measuring guide and discover your true size in 2 easy steps.

      1. Using a measuring tape measure the widest part of your foot to get your width.
      2. Find your shoe size in the left hand column of the size chart and follow the row to the right until you find the closest foot width measurement. The column at the bottom will tell you which width fitting you are.
      Size Chart Standard D Fit Shoes


      With different calf widths from standard to super curvy as well as boots with different foot widths, use our measuring guide and step by step guide to find your perfect fit.

      1. Use a tape measure and measure around the widest part of your calf.
      2. Find your shoe size in the size chart including your foot width fitting, then run down till you find the closest calf measurement to your own.
      3. Look to the left of the table and you will see which calf width you need, i.e. if you are a 5EEE and your calf measures 444mm, you would need a 5EEE with a curvy calf width.
      Standard D Fit Boots Boots Size Guide
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